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Responsibilities:Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board,SUBEB

Formulate the policy guidelines for the successful operation of the Universal Basic Education Programme in the State.

(b) Receive block grant from the Federal Government through the State Government.

(c) Administer and disburse funds allocated to the Board, the Local Government Education Authority and other relevant agencies implementing the Universal Basic Education.

(d) Prescribe the minimum standards for the basic education programme throughout the State in line with the National Policy on Education on the advice of the National Council for Education and ensure effective implementation of the standards in line with Government policies and programme.

(e) Inquire into and advise the State Government on the funding and orderly development of Universal Basic Education in the State.

(f) Collate and prepare after consultation with the State Advisory committee on Universal Basic Education and other relevant stakeholders, periodic master plans for a balanced and coordinated development of basic education in the state including areas of possible intervention in the provision of adequate basic education facilities which include.

(i) Forwarding proposals to the Commissioner on equal and adequate basic education opportunity in the State.

(ii) Ensuring that the Basic National Curricula, syllabi and other necessary instructional materials are in use in early childhood care and development centres, primary and junior secondary schools in the state.

(g) Carry out, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, at regular intervals a personnel audit of teaching and non-teaching staff of all basic education institutions in Lagos State.

(h) Monitor Federal and State inputs into the implementation of basic education in the state.

(i) Present periodic progress reports on the implementation of the universal basic education to the Governor through the commissioner.

(j) Co-ordinate the implementation of the universal basic education related activities in collaboration with non-governmental and multilateral agencies in the State.

(k) Establish a basic education data bank and conduct research on basic education in the State.

(l) Support state capacity building for teachers and managers of basic education in the State.

(m)Carry out mass mobilization and sensitization of the general public and enter into partnership with communities and relevant stakeholders with the aim of achieving the overall objectives of the compulsory Free Universal Basic Education in the State.

(n) Supervise the assessment and funding of salaries and allowances of teaching and non-teaching staff based on the scheme of service dawn up by the State Government.

(o) co-ordinate and supervise teaching and learning in public primary schools and junior secondary schools in the state.

(p) manage public primary and junior secondary schools in the State.

(q) recruit, appoint promote and discipline teaching and non-teaching staff on grade levels 07 and above.

(r) post and deploy staff including inter state transfer for staff.

(s) disburse funds provided from both Federal and State sources.

(t) set up an effective supervisory unity

(u) retire and re-absorb primary school teachers in the state.

(v) undertake new capital projects subject to the approval of the Governor

(w) give approval for training and retraining of teaching and non-teaching staff

(x) prepare testimonials and certificates of service for teaching and non-teaching staff whenever necessary

(y) deal with leave matters including annual vacation

(z) ensure that annual reports are rendered by heads of schools or teachers appointed to serve under them

(ai) ensure annual auditing of accounts

(bi) perform such other functions that are relevant to the discharge of its functions under this Law or as may from time to time be assigned to it by the Universal Basic Education Commission or the Commissioner.


SUBEB Structure

The Board is headed by an Executive Chairman supported by six Permanent Members, part-time Board Members and the Board Secretary. To achieve the last SUBEB Strategic Planning process. This involved a review of SUBEB’s organizational functions, structure, systems and processes to determine fitness to deliver on the results. A restructuring of SUBEB’s structure, functions, systems and processes was implemented, resulting in a repositioning of staff within the new structures as from 12th February, 2012.

Core Values

  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Team spirit
  • Integrity
  • Passion and Commitment
  • Responsiveness and Reliability



Every child’s potential is realized by accessing quality basic education


To create and sustain a conducive environment for universal access to basic education and quality teaching and learning.